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Best Digital Wallet Cryptocurrency Australia Review 2022

June 20, 2022

With our detailed guide on the best crypto wallets in Australia, you can be sure to find a secure way to store your cryptocurrency password. In addition to the list of the most trusted and reputable crypto wallet providers, you will also find all the necessary information on the additional safety measures you can undertake to create even safer conditions for your key storage. Learn how to choose and start using a cryptocurrency wallet in no time.

What Is Crypto Wallet

Crypto wallet is a storage place for your digital signature with the help of which you can access the blockchain at any time. When you buy any type of cryptocurrency you get a valuable asset that should be securely protected. There are several ways to keep your password safe depending on the type of crypto wallet. Choose the type according to your needs with the features that will suit you best.


There are certain qualities that are common to any type of a crypto wallet. First of all, it is possible to exchange fiat currency to cryptocurrency and vice versa. You can also set notifications you’d like to get and have your wallet automatically updated. The majority of the best cryptocurrency wallets in Australia are multi-coin wallets that support various cryptos. As to the commissions, the cost of transactions is calculated on a per-transaction basis.

Why To Use

If we talk about trading cryptocurrency, a crypto exchange service works best for the purpose. However, it is not safe to hold your funds there for a long time unprotected. With a key stored in your digital wallet, you will easily and securely get access to the assets owned by you on the chosen blockchain. With the best Australian crypto wallet providers your password will be under the highest level of digital protection with the possibility to verify your ownership and perform any type of money transaction online.

Types Of Wallets

There are basically three types of crypto wallets.

  • Desktop/Mobile crypto wallet is still a common choice to store the digital key to cryptocurrency funds. It allows you to keep the password on your PC or mobile gadget. It requires the download and installation of a piece of software that will function as a digital wallet. With such an app on your phone you will be able to store, use and control your virtual funds from any place you are without any additional hardwares and devices.
  • Hardware crypto wallet is a standalone physical gadget, a USB drive, for example, that is not connected to the network. Such wallets differ in their complexity, some of them being more feature-rich than other crypto wallets. Your choice will depend on the level of your experience with cryptocurrency. On the downside is the risk of losing a memory stick with the key. As to its biggest advantage, it is the possibility to store your key without the need to connect to the Internet.
  • Online crypto wallet is software-based online storage where you keep your digital key. It guarantees a fast and simple utilization of cryptocurrency investments. Mind that in contrast to hardware wallets, your personal information is kept online and the level of safety depends on the quality of the chosen crypto wallet provider. Two-factor authentication is an example of one of the safety measures adopted by the type of crypto wallet.

10 Best Crypto Wallet In Australia

We would like to offer you the selection of the best Australian crypto wallets. Below you will discover information on each of them which will give you the chance find the one that will perfectly correspond to your needs

  • CoinJar – among the most notable features of the crypto wallet there is the possibility to make deposits in multiple currencies that implies the usage of both crypto and fiat currency for the purpose. Moreover, you can trade in crypto-to-FIAT currency pairs using an application. Buy and sell various assets without any trouble on the go.
  • Binance – there is no other site that has that much cryptocurrency at any moment as Binance has. This speaks volumes about the wallet’s reliability. Moreover, the extra features you can use include trading crypto and increasing your assets online. Trading the currency on Binance is a very easy task as it is a big name in the industry with a broad collaboration network.
  • Exodus – the wallet is considered to be among the most visually appealing ones. An attractive user-friendly interface is not the only benefit of the crypto wallet. Being only desktop storage for cryptocurrency now it offers one of the best crypto wallet apps in Australia.
  • Trezor – this is the provider that presented the hardware crypto wallet on the market. The advantage of using the wallet from Trezor is the highest level of security and the possibility to safely keep your crypto key offline. It implies that you will be able to change the key access settings without having to connect to the Internet and transfer any sensitive data across a network.
  • Ledger – it is a well-known brand of hardware crypto wallets that supports an excellent choice of cryptocurrency. It provides the possibility to trade crypto via your phone with an especially designed mobile application. Connect the hardware wallet to your device via Bluetooth and easily buy and sell your assets.
  • Electrum – established in 2011, the crypto wallet is one of the Bitcoin-only examples that are available today for cryptocurrency users and traders. There is a possibility to adjust the account to your personal needs and pay accordingly. It is also popular among users for its range of powerful security measures.
  • – the creation of this wallet also dates back to 2011. In terms of the website usage, the provider offers a rather simple platform with beginner-friendly navigation options. The wallet offers a big selling feature, providing customers worldwide with excellent mobile integration.
  • Coinbase – the crypto wallet was launched in 2012 and since then has rapidly grown in popularity and evolved into more than just online storage for cryptocurrency. It supports a plethora of crypto and allows you to trade it. The company collaborates with eToro to enable Australians to withdraw Bitcoin from their Coinbase accounts.
  • 1inch Network – the wallet serves as a mobile application that not only provides its users with the basic crypto wallet functions but also the additional features like transferring, trading, and withdrawing the currency. It has been made possible with the integration of a 1Inch DEX aggregator into an application.
  • Swyftx – if you are looking for an Aussie-based wallet for cryptocurrency, then Swyftx is your choice. The higher entry barrier compared to other wallets acts as a safeguard against auto-trading bots. You can obtain an account on Swyftx by creating it online on their website, validating your identification, and making the minimum deposit of $30.

How To Choose A Best Crypto Wallet In AUS

With such a large abundance of cryptocurrency AUS wallets, it may be quite confusing to choose the best option. However, if you follow certain criteria, the choice won’t be that hard. Pay attention to your needs and keep the requirements high. The wallet you are going to use should provide the best services only. You can rely on the selection criteria and the list of the best Australian crypto wallets that we provide in this post.

Type Of Wallet

First and foremost, your task is to decide where you stand with the type of digital wallet for cryptocurrency. Think of what may work best for you. For example, if you know that you are prone to losing things, it may not be a good idea to store your key in a hardware wallet. Choose a desktop or an online storage place instead. Consider also the particular features that will be especially useful personally for you. If you do not have that much experience in using and operating crypto funds, make sure the wallet you choose is a beginner-friendly one.

Ease Of Use

Whether a crypto wallet is more suited for beginners or experienced cryptocurrency traders, it is significant for any of the types to be as easy to operate as possible. It should be inviting and straightforward to use, with a simple structure and easily distinguishable functionalities. But remember, whichever functions the best crypto wallet in Australia can offer, the main demand will always remain the fast and easy access to your blockchain. It can be reached, for example, with the help of the SPV (simple payment verification) procedure that doesn’t download the whole blockchain but only segments of it. Such an approach helps to speed up the process of reaching to and operating your crypto without any threat to its security.

Security Features

With a web wallet, the security measures taken against online attacks become the thing of the main importance among all the rest features. 2FA and the support of multi-signature features are the solutions to most online threats. If we take a hardware wallet, a specially customized chip employed in such crypto password storages, serves against many forms of assaults. As to any application or software that is used to store the key on any of your electronic gadgets, the protection is guaranteed by the duplicable code of such software/app that can be reproduced and compared to its initial version to find any safety flaws. Moreover, the best crypto wallets in Australia offer a cloud-based backup feature that acts as an additional safeguard to your key.

Payment & Fees

The services that the crypto wallets provide imply charges. For example, hardware wallets demand a one-time payment for you to be able to own and utilize them. Other types of wallets may require higher fees compared to the previous one but can offer better functionalities and faster speed of online currency transactions. The best part here is that you can set the size of fees according to your needs. If you do not wish to use certain functions or you do not mind waiting longer for a transaction to be completed, you will get the chance to pay much lower. Some crypto wallets providers offer several types of accounts to choose from that come with different pricing.

Device Compatibility

The best crypto wallet in Australia, be it a hardware or software-based solution will always provide the highest device compatibility. Hardware wallets have USB cords that connect them to your PC and a Bluetooth feature that provides a connection to a smartphone. It can perform its functions well on any operating system used on computers (Windows, Linus) and mobile gadgets (iOS, Android). The device-based wallets are presented with highly adjustable software or applications that you can download on a preferred gadget. With web-based wallets, there is no need to download any additional program if you do not wish. However, as a rule, the crypto wallet providers create applications that make it easier to use the full functionality of their wallets.

Safety Tips In Using Crypto Wallets

One of the most significant things to remember about is the safety of your crypto wallet. All of the best Australian crypto wallets that we provide in our post offer excellent privacy features and meet the highest security demands. Thus, when using them you can be sure about the security of your key. You can undertake additional steps that will ensure an even higher level of your crypto wallet security.


It is obvious that in our technologically evolved world a mere PIN code is not a sufficient safety measure that will protect sensitive data and investments. It is currently preferable to use a 2FA approach where additional log-in credentials are required. The second part of the account entrance confirmation may be a one-time password sent to you via SMS to your phone or in an email. Of course, it takes some extra time but it pays off, in the long run, being an additional security layer that protects your money.

Address Whitelisting

Some of the best aus crypto wallets offer to add an extra security layer to your account that will provide you with the possibility to fully control what addresses your funds can be transferred to. When you activate the whitelisting function it means that the assets stored under the crypto key secured in the wallet will not be transferred to any other crypto address except for the ones in the whitelist. Subscribers can easily manage the address settings in the Whitelist Addresses section in their accounts.

Use Secure Internet

It is hard to underestimate the importance of a secure network connection especially when you use an online crypto wallet. Whether the internet connection you use is safe or not depends on how well it is protected from unauthorized interference. To provide this you need to make sure that you control the connection you use. The network should be protected by a WPA/PA3 password and in the best-case scenario, you are the only person who has got the password and uses it. Anyhow, at least mind using a protected Wi-Fi from home. Utilizing an open public network somewhere in a coffee shop for accessing your crypto account would be a bad idea.

Secure Personal Device

Apart from a trusted network, it is also recommended to use a safe personal electronic device for operating your cryptocurrency key. If you prefer a device-based crypto wallet, it goes without saying that the security of the gadget you store your password in will become a priority. However, if it is the online storage you use for keeping the crypto password, it doesn’t mean that you should be reckless with the type of devices you use to go online and access the wallet. First of all, remember to set a reliable password to the operating system of your PC, phone, tablet, etc. through which you use the wallet. The operating system should be updated to the latest version. And make sure a reliable antivirus that will protect the system from hackers’ attacks and malware is set up on your device.

Start Sending Crypto From Best Crypto Wallet In AUS

You will find it easy to start using any type of crypto wallet if it is one of the best crypto wallets in Australia. After you select the one you need, open your account and fund it, you will get the possibility to store and send your digital money.

Choose Crypto Wallet

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the type of wallet you’d like to use.  It depends on whether you want to store your key on separate hardware which is not connected to the internet or keep it safe online. Then look for the most trusted crypto wallet providers in the industry that offer this particular type. When choosing a provider, pay attention to the feedback of other users and reviews of the experts. If you do not wish to waste time on the search, use the list of the recommended best cryptocurrency wallets in Australia above in our post.

Open Wallet Account

After you have made your choice, it is time to open an account on the chosen platform. In case it is a device-based wallet, you will need to download and install the software needed for its functionality onto this device (a USB drive or your PC, for example). If you decide in the favor of a web wallet, register your account via its site. Fill in all the required personal data and create a password to be able to access the account. As to the app-based wallets, there is no necessity even to share personal information. Simply download the application on your gadget and send your cryptocurrency from and to your account.

Complete Verification

The next step you need to go through with an online wallet is the verification process. You will receive the account confirmation letter on your email, or get a code in the SMS which will come in seconds on your phone. After the verification is completed you at last use your crypto wallet. Don’t forget to activate all the extra safety measures like the two-factor authentication.

Buy And Sell Crypto

With a lot of cryptocurrency providers a user invests in crypto or sells it via their wallets. Thus, if you’d like to use such exchange services, choose the platform with the kind of function. It will allow you to use your bank account, Visa or Mastercard, etc. to trade Bitcoin and altcoins. If you already own cryptocurrency, you will be able to safely move it to your newly opened crypto wallet.


There is a truly broad choice of crypto wallets of different types with various functions. After reading our review on best digital cryptocurrency wallets in Australia, the task that is left to you is simple – know what you’re aiming to achieve when it comes to keeping your private crypto passwords safe. Consider whether you’d simply like to store your crypto or have the possibility to access the blockchain with the help of your wallet and trade the currency. When using a wallet, take all the safety measures possible to ensure even better protection of your crypto key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Crypto Wallet Is Best in Australia?

The best crypto wallet in Australia is the one with several layers of security measures, is highly compatible with the device you’d like to use it on, and has a clear policy of fees. All of the wallets featured in our post correspond to the demands.

How To Choose the Best Australian Crypto Wallet?

To choose the best Australian crypto wallet pay attention to the reputability of the provider, the range of features it offers, and how the safety of your sensitive information is provided by the wallet.

How To Stay Safe While Using The Best Crypto Wallet In AUS?

To stay safe while using the best crypto wallet in AUS, make sure you use the safe internet connection and gadget, set two-factor authentication, and whitelist the addresses you send your crypto to.

Which Crypto Wallet Is Best in Australia?

The best crypto wallet in Australia is the one with several layers of security measures, is highly compatible with the device you’d like to use it on, and has a clear policy of fees. All of the wallets featured in our post correspond to the demands.

How To Choose the Best Australian Crypto Wallet?

To choose the best Australian crypto wallet pay attention to the reputability of the provider, the range of features it offers, and how the safety of your sensitive information is provided by the wallet.

How To Stay Safe While Using The Best Crypto Wallet In AUS?

To stay safe while using the best crypto wallet in AUS, make sure you use the safe internet connection and gadget, set two-factor authentication, and whitelist the addresses you send your crypto to.

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