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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Australia For 2022

February 5, 2022

Discover what websites are considered to be the best Australian cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Trade one type of digital coins for another or for fiat currency on the exchanges. Keep your earnings safely on the platform or send it to your bank accounts.

Top 10 Crypto Exchanges In Australia

If you wish to trade on the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, choose one from the list below and don’t waste time on an online search. We provide you only with the most modern, secure, and convenient online crypto trading options.

  • eToro – if you are looking for a beginner-friendly platform with lower-than-average trading commissions then eToro is your choice. Trade sixteen different cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, SafeMoon, and others.
  • – the well-established crypto exchange platform has had a long history of successful performance in the crypto trading industry since 2005. It can offer more than three thousand trading products on its platform including stocks, commodities, CFDs, and ETFs.
  • Binance – the crypto exchange that will be perfect for those who prefer day trading to all other crypto trading styles. Even though it was only established in 2017, it has already earned its place among the crypto trading giants with its daily trade volume that often exceeds $10 billion.
  • Swyftx Exchange – allows trading on the go via a mobile application with a user-friendly interface and access to all the platform functions available on the website. There is the possibility to trade over 260 kinds of crypto via this licensed platform.
  • Coinbase – the website has a user base of more than 35 million customers that accomplish millions of trades each day.  It’s secure, simple to use, and accepts several depositing and withdrawing options.
  • Coinmama – one of the best Australian cryptocurrency exchange platforms that will work great for those who wish to store their cryptocurrency in a private wallet outside an exchange website. When you trade crypto on Coinmama, it will be sent instantaneously to the wallet address you left during registration.
  • Kraken – is a wonderful option if you need to transact with crypto. If you want to buy Bitcoin and Altcoins with fiat currency, Kraken will provide you with such a possibility. It allows you to make a deposit to your exchange account via a bank transfer.
  • – the resource that supports a huge selection of cryptocurrencies for trading and doesn’t charge any withdrawal or inactivity fees. It is known for its wonderful staking program that provides an annual return of 14% of around forty types of crypto.
  • Digital Surge – a low-cost in the crypto trading industry that offers not only trading but also storing your crypto fund on its site. Is popular among beginner traders because of its simple website and accessible customer service support ready to help with any query.
  • Independent Reserve – launched in 2013 has developed into one of the most successful platforms with a range of useful trading features. One of them is AutoTrader for making regular automatic trading transactions. TradingView chart is a great resource for research accessible for traders on the platform.
PlatformCrypto trading feeInactivity feeWithdrawal fee
eToroSpread, 0.75% for Bitcoin$10 a month after one year$5
Capital.comSpread. 100 pips for Bitcoin/USDFreeFree
BinanceCommission, starting from 0.1%Free0.80 EUR (SEPA bank transfer)
Swyftx Exchange0.6% trading feeFreeA standard network fee
CoinbaseCommission, starting from 0.50%Free1.49% to a US bank account
Coinmama3.90% trading commission (0.90% on sell orders)Free5%
KrakenCommission, starting from 1% per trade for sellers. Free for buyersFreeAccording to the currency withdrawn. 0.0005 for BTC
Crypto.com0.4% per tradeFreeFree
Digital Surge0.5% for instant buy and sellFreeFree
Independent Reserve0.02% based on the rolling 30-day trading volumeFreeDifferent fees for each cryptocurrency

How To Find Best Exchange To Buy Crypto In Australia

To find the best exchange platform to buy and sell crypto read the information on the key factors that should be taken into consideration.

Trading Type

Before you make your final decision on a crypto trading website, you should know your preferable trading type. In general, they all differ in how much time the trading activity takes, ranging from the quickest to the long-term types of investing. For example, if you do not wish to take a big risk and wait for long, scalping may be for you. It aims at making small quick profits without the need to make large investments. If, on the contrary, you think that a large profit is worth waiting longer and investing bigger, then swing trading is your choice.

Available Cryptocurrencies

When making your choice on the best cryptocurrency exchange in Australia, take into account what kinds of currency can be traded on it. Remember that not all of them offer crypto-to-fiat trading options. Only licensed platforms can provide the possibility to convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency. As to crypto-to-crypto pairs, always pay attention to the offers available on the exchange. There can be Bitcoin-to-altcoin (BTC/LTC), or altcoin-to-Bitcoin (LTC/ETH) pairs. Choose the site that offers the digital currency pairs of the utmost trading interest for you.

2.3 Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Before registering on the best Australian crypto exchange, check whether it offers the payment method that you’d prefer to use. Some sites accept only direct transfers from your bank account. Others will allow you to fund and cash-out money in cryptocurrency as the services are frequently unable to receive fiat payment. The most popular and renowned platforms with millions of users have a bigger range of payment methods. With them, you will get the chance to deposit and withdraw money with the help of credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets like PayPal, Google Pay, Skrill, Neteller, and others.

Fees Amount

When trading crypto online pay attention to the number of fees you are required to pay to an exchange. You also need to know that there are different types of them. And remember to compare the fees offered by different platforms as with such a great choice of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia there is no need in overpaying.

  • Deposit and withdrawal fees are charged when you transfer money to and from your account on the platform. Depending on the type of payment option for funding, the fees may differ. There is the possibility sometimes to complete the transfers without any charges.
  • Unless you trade very small amounts of digital currency, commission fees are taken by an exchange platform. They are levied ‘per slide,’ which implies that you pay each time you purchase or sell crypto.
  • Other fees may include margin fees in case you wish to borrow currency; spreads which will depend on the difference between the price of offer and the price of bid; extra charges referred to buying crypto with bank cards, etc.

Security For Account And Crypto Wallet

The most secure crypto exchange in Australia applies a lot of safety measures to keep their customers’ funds under the most rigorous protection that is possible. Some of them include:

  1. Two accounts. Some of the exchanges offer the possibility to split their digital money between the two available accounts on a platform. The Main account, for example, is used for withdrawing and depositing cryptocurrency while the Trading account is designed for performing crypto transactions. Until crypto-assets are transferred from the Trading to the Main account they cannot be cashed out.
  2. Two-factor authentication. To ensure a higher degree of security, the platforms set two or even more factors to confirm your identity as a true account holder. It can be done via an SMS or/and an email.
  3. Cold crypto wallet. The best Australian cryptocurrency exchange platforms offer in-built crypto wallets to store the most important sensitive data. With keeping your crypto passwords on such a wallet you can be sure that you will be the only person who can access the funds on the blockchains you use.
  4. Notification messages. In the settings of a reliable exchange you will find the option to set up notifications in a way that will increase the security of your crypto account and wallet. Each time any money transaction activity is performed on your account, you will get an email. In such an email you will see an active button tapping on which will cancel a money operation or even suspend the account.

Customer Support

The best Australian crypto exchanges always invest in great-quality customer support service that works 24/7. As a lot of beginners are joining the crypto market day by day, it is crucial for them to have access to competitive advisors. And it is a great benefit of a platform if it offers such access via different channels. The most common ways to reach a support agent are live chat and email. It would be perfect if phone calls would be also among the offered contact options. Fast and professional reaction to a customer’s query is a must for a crypto exchange resource.


If you aim to find the best of the best exchanges, don’t forget to check out the online reviews of the platform you’re interested in. There is a lot of information on the matter and you will be able to find a range of articles that describe and compare different services. But remember that experts’ reviews shouldn’t be the only source of information you can rely on. Read the feedback from the customers who have already used the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia and got some valuable first-hand experience. In this way, you can check whether everything a platform is praised for corresponds to the actual state of affairs.

How To Use Crypto Exchanges

To use crypto trading platforms firstly you need to choose one among the three types that are currently available to AUS crypto traders. After you have selected one of the best Australian crypto exchanges you will need to register on it. Fill in all the necessary information in the corresponding sections on the registration page, make your first deposit via the selected payment method and start trading.

Types Of Platforms

All crypto exchanges can be divided into three types: centralized, hybrid, and decentralized exchange sites.

  • Centralized exchanges (CEX) are supervised by a single organization and very often apply the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy aimed at increasing the safety of all their customers. This type of platform is a great starting point for beginners making it simple for them to trade crypto.
  • Decentralized exchanges (DEX) function like crypto blockchains where there is no central organization that controls cryptocurrency trading. It ensures the transparency of the transactions and the ongoing function of exchange regardless of the condition of the firm behind it.
  • Hybrid exchanges (HEX) provide more flexibility in the access to various functions a user may have on the platform while also addressing the scalability difficulties that plague decentralized platforms.

Choosing Best Crypto Exchange For Beginners In Australia

To choose the best Australian cryptocurrency exchange, consider several criteria. Make sure that the platform is regulated and offers clear and transparent conditions of usage. Check the selection of payment methods and trading types it features. If you’d like to trade on several devices including your phone, the website should provide you with the possibility to download and install an Android or iOS-based app.

Easy To Use

The easier it is to operate a crypto exchange platform, the better, especially for a beginner trader. Everything starts with an interface where you first navigate yourself to find a registration page. A fast and easy registration process will tell you a lot about the website from the start. The design of the best crypto exchange for beginners in Australia should be pleasant and allow intuitive and fast navigation through all its functions.

Education Materials

There is one more feature, the importance of which shouldn’t be underestimated. It is the availability of educational resources that will be especially significant for newbies in the crypto trading field. This may include instructional articles, posts, courses, educational-themed videos, and podcasts. A great advantage would be the presence of forums where you can communicate with other traders, ask and answer questions, and discuss topics related to crypto investment. Among the trading tools that will without a doubt be helpful for crypto traders who are starting their trading career, we can mention copy and social trading.

The former option will make it very fast and easy for a beginner to start taking part in crypto transactions and make a profit from it. Simply select all the necessary options in the settings section in your crypto exchange account on one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges  in Australia and choose an expert whom you’d like to follow.

The social trading tool differs from copy trading. It requires a bit more experience and knowledge. You will need to make your own decisions when investing in crypto pairs. But the task will be easier with access to a wide range of information on the trading behavior of other market participants. You will be able to observe, share your opinion, and receive consultations from other platform users.

How To Stay Safe?

To stay safe when using the best exchange to buy crypto in Australia, first of all, check what safety features the platform offers to its customers. Two or multi-factor authentication is one of the examples of such measures. A high level of site encryption should also be provided. Set all the necessary notifications that will inform you about any activity in your account. As to the measures you can undertake, keep an eye on the following aspects:

Use the secure internet connection to which you are the only password holder. Do not perform crypto trading operations via an open Wi-Fi that is not protected by any secure means.

The devices that you apply for trading cryptocurrency should also be protected with strong anti-virus settings. Keep the operating system updated to leave out the possibility of any malfunctions.

Whitelist the addresses you use for transferring your crypto funds. It will make it absolutely impossible to send your digital money to any other address which is not included in the list of the allowed ones.

Final Thoughts

Buying and selling cryptocurrency is not a complicated task if you use one of the platforms from our list of the top 10 crypto exchanges in Australia. A user-friendly website or application that is compatible with any gadget and modern updated operating system will create great conditions for both beginner and experienced traders. Access to plenty of educational materials will make it easier and less anxious for a novice to start trading. A high level of security is an unbreakable rule for all the crypto exchanges mentioned in the post. However, keep in mind that it is also your responsibility to provide extra safety measures for keeping your exchange account safe and sound. Take the matter of trading seriously, choose one of the best resources to trade digital currency online, and start making a profit out of crypto trading right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Crypto Exchange In Australia?

The best crypto exchange in Australia is a regulated platform with several layers of security, provides excellent privacy features, and a lot of useful trading functions. All of the exchanges that you can find in our post above correspond with the requirements.

How To Choose The Best Australian Crypto Exchange For Beginners?

To choose the best Australian crypto exchange for beginners, pay attention to whether it is a license platform, check what payment options it offers, make sure that it doesn’t offer a limited selection of crypto pairs for trading, but, on the contrary, provides a wide choice of trading options. All the sites from the article have the mentioned features.

How To Use The Best Exchange To Buy Crypto In Australia Safe?

To buy crypto in Australia safely, you need to register an account on one of the safest platforms you can find in our article, fund your account, and start trading using the safe internet connection and trusted gadget.

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